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SNC Planning Control Meeting 12th February 2015

Gladman’s planning application was heard at the Planning Control Committee meeting on February 12th and was thrown out in super quick time with a unanimous decision to refuse. The committee heard from Sean Bennett who outlined the plan and was recommending the application for refusal. The committee also heard from Steve Parkin, who spoke on behalf of the Parish Council. Steve reminded the committee of the increase in housing stock in the village over the last 4 years, of the flooding and safety concerns at the site of the access road in Blackwell end and made reference to the lack of infrastructure and sustainability of the proposal. The committee also heard from Sarah Hodgkins, who spoke on behalf of the residents of Potterspury. Sarah focused on the traffic issues on the local roads, as well as education, flooding and the impact to Pathfinder Cottage. She also made the committee aware of the value of this land to the residents and the potential impact on the village of losing it. The meeting was also attended by Judith Millidge, Jane Roberts and Lis Saunders. Gladman were noticable by their absence.


Two committee members spoke out about the speculative nature of these types of application and why it is imperative for SNC to keep their 5 year Land Supply up to date. It was clear they were as shocked by this application as Potterspury has been. In a stark contract to the previous applications heard, the committee voted unanimously in just a few minutes to refuse this application.

So Potterspury have won the first battle and we should all congratulate ourselves on a job well done; but we must also be aware that Gladman will almost certainly appeal and that is when the battle really starts. Over 300 objection letters were received by the Council, overwhelming their systems, that is almost 50% of the households in the village. Thank you to everyone who wrote.

In the meantime, please continue to take photographs of any traffic and flooding issues you see on your travels as these will be needed.

Thanks to everyone who has helped in any way.


Planning Meeting 12th February 2015

There is a planning meeting at 2.15pm on Thursday 12th February where the residents group and the parish council will be speaking in defence of the proposed plan.

There is a meeting on 8th February at 8.00pm in The Cock if anyone wants to come and add any comments to the speech. Please bare in mind, we only get 3 minutes so there is a limit to how much we can say. The Parish Council also get 3 minutes so we effectively have 6 minutes to say our piece.



Buckingham Today Article 13/1/15 Buckingham Today

Church 1

There was standing room only in St. Nicholas’ Church as an extraodinary parish council meeting was called to discuss the plans submitted by Gladman Developments.

Potterspury has spoken out in force against the proposed building of 195 homes on the land off Sanders Lane, to the north of the village. Steve Parkin chaired a meeting that was attended by Rupert Fordham, from South Northamptonshire Planning, representatives from Yardley Gobian Parish Council and well over 200 residents of Potterspury, united in their opposition to the Gladman Development.

Many valid points were raised including:

  • Serious concerns over traffic levels, both locally and on the A5
  • The ability of the school to cope with the increased number of children
  • The continued flooding that the site is subject to
  • The condition of the drainage and sewerage and it’s abillity to cope with the additional houses
  • Concerns for the safety of road users

Residents have been encouraged to write and register their objection via the SNC planning portal before the deadline of 31st January 2015